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Get the pros at Digital Doers to help you make your TikTok Ads campaigns a success! They know all there is to know about creating engaging and successful ads on this popular platform. Trust them to get the most out of your investment!

Thinking of advertising on TikTok? The time is now!

With full-screen, sound-on video ads, TikTok Ads Manager offers you an unbeatable opportunity to engage with your target audience while running highly targeted campaigns that generate a great ROI.

Basic Plan


Video Ad Pro +Thumbnail +Script +Audio +Effects

Standard Plan


Video Ad Pro w/ 3 Intros +Thumbnail +Script +Audio +Effects +Video Sourcing 

Premium Plan


Video Ad Pro w/ 5 Intros +Thumbnail +Scripts +Audio +Effects +Video Sourcing


of TikTok users say they discover new products through ads on TikTok. This is such a valuable way to reach new customers and grow your business.


of TikTok users feel that the advertising on TikTok is unique and different from other top social and video platforms.


of TikTok users love finding new content on the app.

Businesses of all sizes shine on TikTok

Slate And Tell

A jewelry brand that used TikTok For Business's Smart Video Creative Tool to develop fun and engaging TikToks for their spring promotions.
4M+ TikTok Users Reached
2x Return on Ad Spend
1000 Single Session Add-to-Carts

Princess Polly

An amazing online fashion retailer in Australia ran a fantastic discount code campaign that produced incredible results.
9M+ Impressions
1.05% Click-Through Rate
15x Return on Ad Spend

Lancaster University

The top university with an international presence just came to TikTok, where their audience hangs out most, to promote their online open day! This is so exciting.
10M+ Impressions
9M+ Engagement
90k+ Clicks

You can launch an ad within minutes!

  • Select your marketing objective
  • Set your budget, targeting, and bidding method
  • Upload your video or photo, add your ad copy and CTA
  • Review your campaign settings
  • Submit

Take your advertising to the next level with professional video templates that are easy to use!

  • We use TikTok’s Video Template to choose from pre-existing templates, add your images/videos, audio and transitions.
  • We use Canva (TikTok creative partner) and chose from 100’s of editable, high quality video templates to make a memorable video for your brand.
  • We use Vimeo (TikTok creative partner), which has a large selection of TikTok video templates that are engaging and colorful.
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