Mechanical timing series, English name Chronomat, is one of the best-selling styles of Breitling in the past two years.

The second one, the first model was born in 1984, model 81950, which is a commemorative model for the brand’s centenary birthday. At the same time, it is also a milestone in the entire history of replica watches and clocks. The New York Times once described this watch as “awakening an era”. “In the 1980s, ultra-thin quartz chronographs were popular on the market. But the appearance of Breitling 81950 made people pay attention to the aesthetics of machinery again, and mechanical chronographs gradually recovered.” “The 81950 also attracted the most attention in the market at that time because of its highly recognizable shape, which made many mechanical chronograph replica watches that should have been greater in the same period not be so great in the end.” A leather jacket, A pair of sunglasses, A Breitling Chronomat, is regarded as the bible by the most fashion-savvy Milanese.

The mechanical timing series currently on sale is another brand new version launched by Breitling in 2020. The prototype of the design is the 1984 version of the Chronomat, the legendary timepiece reference 81950. The same onion crown, the same saddle stud bezel with raised four-position scales of 12-3-6-9, the same scientific name as the roller ball stainless steel bracelet commonly known as the bullet chain…but every part, compared to Prototypes are made with more attention to detail.