Expert keyword research

SEO keyword research

Why SEO Keyword Research? Getting high organic search rank is like hitting a bullseye.

But, if you don’t even have a target, you’re never going to get results!

Business owners often fall into this trap when trying to optimize their SEO. Choosing the best key.words is the only way to avoid it. The problem is, it can be extremely difficult to research them.

Luckily, I’m an SEO Expert to discuss your business with you, long tail keyword research, and deliver a list that will give you the highest possible Google search rankings.

SEO keyword research Expert

Why Choose Us?

Competitor Research

We'll search the competitor indicated by you for variations of the keyword also chosen by you.

Traffic Analysis

We'll tell you the average traffic volume for each and which ones are easiest to rank with.

List Building

We'll build keyword list based on the package you order.


With Standard/Premium, you'll also receive a report about your competitors’ strength and backlinks

SEO keyword research Expert


Easier ranking

The best KW target

A better strategy for blog post

Optimized link building strategy

Improvements in S.E.O. and SEM

SEO keyword research list with long tail and competitor search Packages

Up 20 Keyword most profitable



Pro Includes

Report with UP 20 most relevant and profitable keywords

Up 60 Keyword most profitable



Pro Includes

Report with UP 60 most relevant and profitable keywords

Up 150 Keyword most profitable



Pro Includes

Report with UP 150 most relevant and profitable keywords

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